The Destiny of a prince

A peaceful world in which all races living on the planet were friends, no wars to destroy everything in their path, Two thousand years ago it was not like this. two thousand years ago in Val’drem, there did millions of deaths follow a battle, resulting in large destruction of the place, from both sides.
The army of the five Kings defeated Lucifer’s army, the King of the worlds beneath, who wanted to conquer the world and to build a new Palace and a new army. Each King was Lord of a race. King Corvinus was the King of the human race. The Elves’ king was called The Magnificent Alijar, one of the most powerful kings the Elf kingdom had. Being five thousand -year-old, no one had ever lived more than he had, especially not a king had, because he was supposed to lead the army.

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This action is made the destiny of a prince conquering throne in order to obtain peace.

The action takes place many years ago in the kingdom Akerel of Prince Corvin

After the death of his parents, he tries to renew the treaty alliance with all five races as there once.

In the desire to avenge his parents appears a beautiful girl, tall, slender, with blue eyes that gradually falls. The girl named Faren makes the print understand the desire for revenge is just a momentary anger and what happened will not be brought back.

Although not agree with the prince, she starts the journey with him in the past and reforming regaining alliance to restore peace in the kingdom.

Lemar is another character is backing Corvin joining journey full of obstacles placed in the way King Rohan guidance dark prince.

Rohan was his father’s right hand Corvin, a traitor, he believed that if he would kill all the power and it will be appropriate to him.

The thread runs between the two actions in the fight for supremacy; each with allies trying to regain their kingdom.

Rohan’s goal was the overthrow of the kingdom throughout Corvin may not be renewed for the alliance treaty, while the return of Corvin consists in stopping the United Akerel dark prince, failing wishes of the two.

What do you think will happen to Corvin? Dark Prince will give up the desire to conquer the kingdom, will start war with the alliance? It is only one way to find out how this story will end.


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