Guarding Angels

„The heart of a mother is the deepest abyss on whose bottom you will always find forgiveness”
this story is about loss … the loss of a mother, a brother ….
when you live you do not realize what’s near you … you only find when you lose them and the regrets start to get you … no one next to you can lose the fight with life

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Every mother forgives his child when he is wrong, he is the only being who can not remain indifferent to the odor that wore him in his womb and he struggled for him by taking pains of birth.

You can not replace a mother’s place with a mother and where you are, do not forget that you have a mother who loves you and awaits you.

Mother is the wonderful being we always owe to … it is the one that makes us people, laying the foundation of our character by making us people of tears and hopes.

after we lose, we only remain with memories … memories that can be painful but also a force that can put us back on our feet and look for a better future


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