It would be the death of them both. Brother Sabon, pious servant of the Sun God, could never succumb to the charms of a young witch. He overcomes undead minions, vile cultists and assassins, the evil brood of the Death Goddess, how could his heart fall for an unbelieving, head-strong woman? His church wouldn’t allow it, his fight against the forces of darkness would suffer for it, and his closest companions would chastise him. The world is filled with such evil, such danger, how could he dare to think of it, to think of love? The gods will intervene.

250 ATS


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Marlaya and Sabon drew together to support the bright and glorious cause of the Sun God.  Necromancers and hoards of undead horror crept around the edges of the civilized world and needed to be dealt with.  Marlaya’s fiery magic and Sabon’s god-given might cast the righteous light toward the heart of evil.  The pair, and their stalwart companions, grew in prestige as their fight stayed true.  But then love was born.

The burning love between the Sun God’s holy man and the beautiful young witch would not be tolerated.  The conservative traditions of the people of their communities had no room for passion.  Yet the just fight against the ghoulish forces of The Afflicter emboldened them, made them one in purpose.  Such noble feats throughout the kingdom would earn esteem from the Church of Atura, but for the shadowy stain of their illicit love.  Atura had surely punished them. 


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