Romantic Suspense


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    • What if there is a secret organisation that protects us from alien invasion?
      What if that organisation is being threatened by an enemy seeking revenge?
      What if the Loch Ness Monster is real?

      Cathy Slater’s life will never be the same when she finally meets gorgeous rock star Nathan Jake, 
      the guy she’s been crushing on for years. 
      She sees something she wasn’t meant to see. 
      She becomes involved in something that humans are not allowed to know.
      Who is Nathan Jake really? 
      A tormented young celebrity, a brilliant magician or an alien hunter from another planet… 
      Only by risking her life and everything she knows, will Cathy discover the truth, 
      and find a love that will change her life forever.

    • “His kiss felt like a warm calamari ring that was pressing itself against my lips… Rubbery. Limp. Dead.”

      Cathy Slater is finally in a relationship with her celebrity crush, the gorgeous young rock sensation, Nathan Jake. 
      But it isn’t the kind of romance that Cathy had always dreamed of having with him. 
      Nathan is a genetically-engineered alien hunter, who was made unable to love the way a man should love a woman. 

      What did his father mean when he said that Nathan would be able to love her one day? Will Cathy ever find out the truth behind those mysterious words, or will danger from new and old enemies tear her and the man she loves apart?