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    • It’s spring 1773 and Leslie Colden is a determined young cross-dresser hellbent on scientific discovery and philosophical quandaries. However, when a mysterious killer attacks the local village where Colden has chosen to roost for a spell, the path to science is held in question by the forces of the paranormal.

    • Riding lightning he will arrive.
      The future is not a utopia.

      The year is 2368, and life in New Zealand is bleak. The landscape all but destroyed by environmental disaster, and an alien attack. The survivors are forced to retreat into the safety of a massive dome and the world is run by one president.

      Things are easier in the future. Ordering clothes, food, transportation, but amongst all the glamour is a dark side, hidden in the shadows but open for anyone to see — if they looked.

      The world is edging towards WW4 with the German-Arabian Front leading the conflict.

    • The desire to be thin. To be like everyone else–the popular people. Society’s need to feed you the idea that thin is best. Body shaming. Body hate. Gerald doesn’t fit in. But be desperately wants to be thin, like the others. He wants to be accepted.

      He found sanctuary at home.

      Junk food whispered his name. Cream filled cakes called to him. Chocolate massaged his gums. Soda pop soothed his headaches.

      He hated this weakness to food. He hated what it did to him.

      So he bought the hypnosis CD.

      The Thin You.

      Read his plight of horror for only a buck.