Action & Adventure


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    • Main character is a doctor who is dragged into criminal world against his will. But unexpectedly he appears to become more dangerous than any criminal in this world. He will chase and take down all the members of one secret society responsible for many of the most brutal crimes in human history.

    • A peaceful world in which all races living on the planet were friends, no wars to destroy everything in their path, Two thousand years ago it was not like this. two thousand years ago in Val’drem, there did millions of deaths follow a battle, resulting in large destruction of the place, from both sides.
      The army of the five Kings defeated Lucifer’s army, the King of the worlds beneath, who wanted to conquer the world and to build a new Palace and a new army. Each King was Lord of a race. King Corvinus was the King of the human race. The Elves’ king was called The Magnificent Alijar, one of the most powerful kings the Elf kingdom had. Being five thousand -year-old, no one had ever lived more than he had, especially not a king had, because he was supposed to lead the army.