Frequently Asked Questions

What is Authorship

Here at Authorship, we aim to encourage readers, writers, translators and publishers to engage in profitable relationships. We aim to help readers find the joy of reading books of large numbers of writers from different parts of the world, aid authors to take charge of their work and present their work to diverse sets of audiences in their own languages, encourage publishers to come up with fair policies and translators and language experts to make use of their skills to earn money.


With the aim of resolving the problems of conventional book publishing industry, our platform allows all people involved in the literary cycle and the publishing industry to enjoy doing what they do, in the best way possible.


For any reader, there could be nothing better than having the access to the works of large numbers of writers. For any author, it is imperative that they get their work published without having to compromise over their rights, share it with as many readers as possible and enjoy the financial benefits from the sales of their books. For any publisher, it is important to have a platform where they can seek out new and established writers and help publish their work and for a multi-lingual person, there could be nothing better than to get chance to translate the works of great and emerging authors.


And this is exactly what we do.


At Authorship, we aim to provide readers, writers, translators and publishers with a single platform to offer and avail each other’s services and revolutionize the book publishing industry.


A digital world that functions without the interference of third parties, censorship, downtime or fraud is a dream we all have had for long time.


“Authorship” is a step towards making this very dream a reality. Authorship promises a more book friendly future for readers and authors all over the world by redefining the book publishing industry. By bringing authors, readers, translators and publishers on the same platform, it will mark the beginning of a new era where the issues, challenges, and drawbacks of the traditional book industry will no more be present to make writing and reading books difficult.

What does ATS stand for and what is it?

Authorship Token. The ATS, an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum technology, is a unit of exchange on a new Blockchain based book publishing system. Authors, publishers and translators are rewarded with ATS tokens in exchange to book sales, while readers are able to spend ATS tokens in order to purchase books.


Authorship is going to be developed using the Ethereum platform; one of the most fascinating and exciting experiments of the internet that is to fulfill the wide held dream of decentralizing the internet.

What is the ATS price?

The ATS token value is given by the trading the token receives through the exchanges it is listed. Just as a regular currency like USD, more people buying it will make the value go up, while more people selling it will make the value go down.


You can check the current ATS value here:

What royalties do authors receive?

Authors receive 90% royalties from their book sales.


Ex: if you set your book price at 1000 ATS, you will earn 900 ATS for every sale.

Are there any publishing fees?

No. There is no publishing cost. The only fee charged is 10% of the book price when a customer places an order.

How do I turn ATS tokens into USD/EUR ("money in the bank")

ATS tokens can be exchanged to ETH (Ethereum) right on our homepage through the integrated Bancor exchange widget. Once exchanged to Ethereum, the options are limitless as there are hundreds of exchanges that allow you to convert cryptocurencies to real cash and withdraw them into your bank account.


One of the most notable exchanges is Coinbase. There you can exchange the Ethereum and several other cryptocurencies to USD/EUR and withdraw them to your bank account.


Should you prefer not to use an exchange at all, there are thousands of cryptocurency ATMs all over the world (over 2,000 just in USA) where you can withdraw money directly for your cryptocurrencies.

What file type are the eBooks in?

Authors are required to upload their books as .PDF files.


Once a reader makes a purchase, he is prompted to download the PDF file.

How do I begin selling my eBook?

The first step to sell your eBook through the Authorship platform is to create an account. Select the “Author Account” option on the registration form.

Once registered please use the “Add New Book” link from your account area to add your book.


You will be asked to upload your book PDF file (there are no strict rules about the formatting of your book, we only require that the first page of the book to contain the book cover), select your book categories, enter your book title, description and keywords of interest. You can enter your desired price (in USD). Once submitted, your book will be reviewed within 10 days.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

All the requested withdrawals for earned ATS tokens, will be processed on the 1st of each month for the previous month’s earnings.

All payments on Authorship are done exclusively in the form of ATS tokens and authors are required to earn a minimum of 5,000 ATS tokens to be able to request an withdrawal.

How is the book price determined?

You (the author/agent/publisher) set the price for your works.

Authors enter the book price in ATS tokens and can change the price as many times they want.

Who can publish on Authorship?

If you’re the original author and you control the digital rights to the book, or if you’re the exclusive digital publisher, you can publish and distribute the work with Authorship. Your work must be original, written by you (or an author to which you have exclusive rights to publish).

Is your publishing agreement exclusive?

No. It’s non-exclusive,you maintain all rights to your work and have the freedom to publish anywhere else you like

Can I publish under a pen name?

Yes, there is no problem with using a pen name. Make sure you change this under your Account area – Display Name.

Do I own my copyright if I publish with Authorship?

You own your copyright. When you publish with Authorship, you grant us a non-exclusive right to publish, promote and distribute your book. Because the relationship is non-exclusive, you can publish and distribute via other services, if you wish.

Do you require I have a professionally produced book cover?

In order to be able to properly promote your book to potential readers we require all books to have a cover included. We recommend the first page of the PDF file to contain the book cover.