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We are happy to announce Authorship is going to partner with Bancor in order to create a joint Token Relay – a decentralized liquidity pool of ATS and BNT, enclosed in a Bancor-compliant Smart Token. This Token Relay will hold two connector balances, one in ATS and one in BNT, each at a 50% weight, and will enable users to quickly transform their Ether or BNT (or any other token on the Bancor Network) into/from ATS through a widget that will reside on our website and Bancor platform as well.

We believe this partnership will help users buy/sell ATS tokens with ease, without having to rely on an external cryptocurrency exchange (how to use the Bancor app web guide).

Additionally, any ATS or BNT holder will be able to provide liquidity for this Token Relay, collecting a share of conversion fees over time. Conversion fees of 0.1% will be charged.

We are excited about this step and look forward to bringing everyone more news about it!

UPDATE: Authorship is live on the Bancor network:



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