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We are happy to announce the Authorship Beta platform is open: http://beta.authorship.com

While the Beta is still a work in progress, with changes and important updates coming monthly, the Beta version is fully working and allows:

  • Authors and Publishers to register and list their eBooks (.PDF files) for sale.
  • Authors and Publishers to sell translation license rights to their eBooks. 
  • Translators to register and buy licensing rights for eBooks and list the translated eBook for sale through the Authorship platform.
  • Readers to register and purchase eBooks with ATS Tokens.

All payments on the platform are done exclusively in the form of ATS tokens.

Authors are welcome to begin submitting their books. In the following days we will start a marketing campaign dedicated to authors in order to build an initial books catalog. Once a minimum number of books have been listed a second marketing campaign targeting readers will begin.

During Beta, authors withdrawals will be processed on the 1st of each month for the previous month’s earnings. After the final launch in June this will change and payments will be processed instantly between members accounts with no delays.

We would like to emphasize that the Beta version is a work in progress and features/implementation/design changes will happen on a weekly base as we evolve the platform into the final version. When important features are being launched, we’ll publicly announce.

Users Feedback: during the entire Beta period we’d love to hear back from users and improve as per your feedback. Please reach us at contact@authorship.com to share your thoughts.


Authorship.com Team

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