Our Mission

With the development of Authorship, we have combined both our passions to simplify the functioning of book publishing industry, help authors, readers, translators, and publishers to make use of the modern technologies and to play our part in decentralization of the internet.

Here at Authorship, we aim to encourage readers, writers, translators and publishers to engage in profitable relationships. We aim to help readers find the joy of reading books of large numbers of writers from different parts of the world, , aid authors to take charge of their work and present your work to diverse sets of audiences in their own languages, encourage publishers to come up with fair policies and translators and language experts to make use of their skills to earn money. With the aim of resolving the problems of conventional book publishing industry, our platform allows all people involved in the literary cycle and the publishing industry to enjoy doing what they do, in the best way possible.

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We bring authors, publishers, readers and translators on one platform and allow them to interact without the interference of third parties. To ensure the smooth functioning and to resolve the age old problems of the publishing industry, we provide an environment where everyone gets their due share.

What Do We Do

For any reader, there could be nothing better than having the access to the works of large numbers of writers. For any author, it is imperative that they get their work published without having to compromise over their rights, share it with as many readers as possible and enjoy the financial benefits from the sales of their books. For any publisher, it is important to have a platform where they can seek out new and established writers and help publish their work and for a multi-lingual person, there could be nothing better than to get chance to translate the works of great and emerging authors.

And this is exactly what we do.

At Authorship, we aim to provide readers, writers, translators and publishers with a single platform to offer and avail each other’s services and revolutionize the book publishing industry.

Why Do We Do It

We are bookaholics ourselves. We share your literary love and are driven to empower readers, authors and translators and at the same time, force publishers to end their unfair policies by giving them a place to interact, and improve the publishing industry as well as the reading experience. We understand that there is a huge gap between these four important communities and once we all get a platform to interact and help each other, we can create a process where writers are empowered to let loose their creativity, publishers are introduced to this amazing talent, translators can get a host of new opportunities and readers get to read what they love.

When we started our journey with the aim of redefining the book publishing industry and decentralizing the internet, we were aware of the troubles authors have to face to get their work published and distributed and earn money from their work. Also, we had the ground knowledge about how discoverability has become a huge concern for the new authors. In addition to this, we also knew the problems readers and translators have been facing lately. We also had an understanding of how publishers take advantage of the way traditional book publishing industry functions. We knew there was a serious need for transformations and bringing together everyone involved in the literary cycle at the same platform. That was how we started.

Now, we aim to offer authors the chance to engage with a community of serious readers without losing their rights and with a steady income.. We also offer translators and publishers a chance to meet and strike up professional relationships with both emerging and established authors and the readers to get into the world of books.