Bounty Campaign



Sep 17, 2017

All bounty campaign participants that had less than 3 registrations from their IP address received their ATS tokens.

Thank you



Sep 9, 2017

All the available 1M ATS tokens have been allocated to members joining our bounty campaign.

We would like to thank everyone for the participation.

The earned ATS tokens will be distributed once the token sale is over (14th Sept). We will publish an update about this on 14th Sept after the token sale ended.

You can read more information about it HERE.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to Authorship bounty campaign! has put aside 1% (1M) of the total 100M ATS tokens to be shared, as a thank you, to everyone interested to promote the Authorship ICO.

Our bounty campaign offers everyone who registers to our email list, for free, 75 ATS tokens worth a minimum of $10.

Once registered, each participant is offered an unique referral link to be shared through social accounts, forum posts/signatures, blog posts, or any other marketing method available to the participant.

For every referral that signups after accessing your link, you will receive 75 ATS tokens, both you and the visitor you referred. Shortly put: the more people you refer to our ICO, the more ATS tokens you will earn. There are no limits to the number of referrals you can send (when/if we reach the 1M tokens limits, the campaign will end and we will announce this public).

The beauty of things: all your have to do is to hand others 75 ATS tokens for Free, in order to receive back 75 ATS tokens yourself!

You are able to see live stats of the amount of tokens you earned, and you’ll receive an email notification immediately after someone registers using your link. Full transparency is extremely important to us!

All earned tokens will be distributed to all participants the moment the crowdsale is over.

BONUS: EARN 10 ATS tokens extra, to LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook and Twitter pages.

In exchange to a LIKE to our Facebook page and a FOLLOW to our Twitter page you will be given a bonus of 10 ATS tokens (5 ATS for each).

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 support agents at

Besides the free ATS tokens you receive, we’d be happy to see you among our investors as well. 

You can buy ATS tokens with Ether (ETH) from our Contributions page:

Sincerely, Team