Hi everyone,

This is an update regarding the situation the Authorship website is going through currently.

For the past 12 hours we’ve been the target of an on-going DDoS attack flooding our bandwidth, that had the website on an off. Many of you reported being unable to access the website at times, and this was the cause as we kept everyone updated through the BitcoinTalk Forum.

Please understand that a DDoS attack is not a hacking attempt and it’s only meant to flood the network bandwidth with useless traffic to the point where the server cannot discern against real and fake traffic.

Everyone’s ATS tokens are safe, there is no risk to lose your earned/bought tokens, never been.

While we initially wanted to postpone the end of the ICO (since many investors contacted us not being able to invest) we have decided not to at this point, as we cannot know for how long the attack will continue; we’ll take the “hit” and apologize to the investors unable to get into as planned. We believe our perfectly built image during the course of the past month would suffer if we extent the ICO’s duration, although many of you asked us to do.

There are at this point exactly 12 hours left until the ICO will officially end.

If you believe in our project and want to invest, you have 12 hours left to do it.

The investors ATS tokens will begin to be processed, automatically and without any confirmation needed from their side 2 hours after the ICO ended. We expect all investors to receive their ATS tokens within 24 hours from the end of the ICO, assuming we can access the website in a decent time manner. A maximum of 48 hours delay is possible.

The withdrawal form for the free bounty campaign will be published (assuming we have access at the server at that time; if not at the first time possible) 2 hours after the ICO is over as well. Please be advised, that because the attack is still running, the website may be unavailable at times and can slow down the processing of the withdrawals.

We apologize for the entire situation!

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! It is preferred you reach us through the BitcoinTalk Forum or by sending us a private message on our Facebook page as email is unavailable at times.


Authorship.com Team