Hi everyone,

We want to announce that our Authorship Bounty Campaign just ended.

All the available 1,000,000 ATS tokens have been allocated to members joining our bounty campaign. The earned ATS tokens will be distributed once the token sale is over (14th Sept). We will publish an update about this on 14th Sept after the token sale ended.

If you believe you entered a wrong ETH address or want to change your receiving ETH address there is no need to contact us about. You’ll have the opportunity to do it on 14th Sept, as you’ll be asked to complete an withdrawal form as a final confirmation before the ATS are sent to your ETH address. A newsletter will be sent on 14th Sept, but in case you miss it, please check our blog as you’ll find a copy here as well.

There will be a 45 days period available for claiming the withdrawal.

ATS is an Ethereum ERC-20 Token and can be accessed by any Ethereum wallet supporting tokens. If you need a recommendation, most users prefer to use myetherwallet.com (if you want a mobile wallet, imToken (token.im) is fully compatible too, we got in contact with their team and our ATS tokens have been included in their default supported tokens as well). For myetherwallet.com , you need to add ATS as a custom token to be able to see your balance. Please see this post for the info you need to add: http://authorship.com/2017/08/01/how-do-i-view-ats-tokens-in-my-wallet/

DO NOT enter an Ethereum address from an exchange (ex: poloniex, bittrex, coinbase, etc.) or you will lose your ATS tokens. Once the tokens are sent, this can’t be undone.

We would like to thank everyone for the participation and especially to our top promoters below!

If you enjoyed the free ATS tokens and want to benefit from having more of them, we’d be happy to see you among our investors as well. You can buy ATS tokens with Ether (ETH) from our Contributions page:


You can also follow our community discussions on the forum HERE, where most of your possible questions are already answered.

Thank you!

Authorship.com Team