Following the end of our ICO offering, the tokens will be distributed to the investors as follows:

On 15th August 2017 the ICO will open for a maximum period of 1 month (15th September). The crowdsale can be closed sooner at any given point, without a prior notification, if our maximum raising amount is being hit ($15 M).

During the ICO, 80% (80.000.000) of the total amount of tokens (100.000.000) will be sold to investors. The remaining 20% (20.000.000) will be reserved on a marketing fund to be distributed, based on a monthly schedule within 24 months to the first 100.000 authors who will register on our platform. In order to prevent any potential conflict of interests, no tokens will be distributed to the development team.

Following the closing of the ICO, the ATS price will be calculated using the following formula:

1 ATS price = Total ETH amount raised / 100.000.000

The exact price of 1 ATS will be determined after the sale ends. The price will be determined based on the amount raised divided by 100 Million tokens. The minimum price an investor can receive is 2000 ATS tokens for 1 ETH.

Within a week of closing of the ICO, the tokens will be distributed to the investors.